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Group Rides

Riverside Group Rides

Riverside offers some great group rides! Ride leaders will send out weekly emails with the ride details so stay tuned.

Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, pump, nutrition, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile! Many rides are held subject to weather. It’s a good idea to confirm dates, time and any specific requirements, too. We'll see you out there—and have fun!

For up-to-date notifications, please sign up on our Google Group Rides e-mail list.

Our Weekly Group Rides Run From Mid April to Mid September

Join us and other bike clubs on one of these fun rides. Whether you are new to cycling or an old pro, there is a ride that’s right for you.

Group RidesTimeLocationRide TypeAvg SpeedMileageLeaders
Monday6pmHaverhillRecovery Ride16 mph20 milesKurt
Monday6pmNBPTBeginner Ride15 mph15 milesBig Ryan
Tuesday6pmNBPTAvg Guys & Gals16–18 mph24 milesTom & Big Ryan
Tuesday6pmWillowdaleMTBmod–fast pace2 hoursDennis
Wednesday6pmNBPTCompetitive22+38 milesSean McCarthy
Wednesday6pmHaverhillMTBmoderate pace2 hoursKurt
Thursday6pmHaverhillMod-Fast Ride 18+ mph20-28 milesKurt